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Aim & Objective

The main aim of BIBARTAN is to bring social change through benevolent and philanthropic action for upliftment of the poor, deprived and needy people and strengthening rural development process as a whole through the following objectives.

 To promote voluntary spirit, human values, benevolent action and right based struggle among the people for the betterment of all and humanization of the degrading condition of society.

 To eradicate child labour system through awareness generation, detection , education and rehabilitation of child labours.

 To generate awareness and undertake different activities for ensuring the rights and social security of the unorganized labour, MGNREGA workers, construction workers, poor farmers and other working class people in the society.

 To improve agriculture and horticulture through providing training, exposure, practical demonstration and other necessary inputs to the farmers for increasing of food production and livelihood sources.

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