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Outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic created an unexpected crisis and fearful situation among the people. To fight the pandemic govt. has undertaken rapid awareness campaign other programmes to meet the basic needs of the people involving the voluntary service of the local NGOs and PRIs etc. So the volunteers of BIBARTAN have participated in the awareness generation process among the people in villages and public places to use face masks and maintain social distance and facilitated in supply of food, ration and other materials and provide facilities to the people in Damol, Sarang, Kandarisngha, Lodhani and Patarapada GPs of Parjang Block cooperating with the govt. officials and other associates.


BIBARTAN has been stiriving for the development of the poor class and weaker section people of the society. The fishermen communities of Brahmani river belong to the weaker sections and BIBARTAN has been working for their well-being. The livelihood source of these traditional fishing communities has been severely deteriorated due to Brahmani water pollution since some long time. Hence these people have been suffering from poverty, diseases, debts, migration and other related socio-economic problems. Therefore BIBARTAN has started the process of conducting a comprehensive study on 500 fishermen families of 15 villages of Brahmani river sides of Parjang, Kamakhyanagar & Odapada block of Dhenkanal district with the financial support of Global Greengrants Fund, USA to have an assessment of the situation and prepare a report and necessary future action plans. The preliminary rapport building process has been done in all the 15 villages and the village level consultation meetings have been conducted in 8 villages to make the people aware about this study programme. Thereafter the activities of the project have been withheld in compliance with the enforcement of COVID-19 guidelines of the government.


BIBARTAN has been working with priority on promotion of health and hygiene in its operational area villages for this purpose it has been working for improvement of sanitation facilities in the villages with the financial and technical support of the Govt. under the Swaschha Bharat Mission. BIBARTAN has constructed 848 numbers Individual Household Latrines in 48 villages of 16 Grama Panchayat in Parjang block of Dhenkanal district with the support of the government of Odisha. The RWSS and Block officials supervised and monitored the successful construction of the latrines. The social workers of BIBARTAN have generated awareness among the people for proper use of the latrine for betterment of health, hygienic, safety, dignity and clean environment, As a result the mentality and practice of the people have been changed and people are using the latrine.


BIBARTAN has been playing an important supportive role in implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. It has provided an efficient Social worker who has been successfully working as a Block Social Auditor of MGNREGA of Parjang Block of Dhenkanal district. BIBARTAN has been regularly monitoring and encouraging her to provide better performance in her duty with commitment to make the scheme more beneficial and transparent for the socio-economic development of rural working class people.

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